A Firearms Primer

1. A written resource that covers the basic elements of a subject.
    2. An explosive cap used to detonate the main explosive charge of a round of ammunition.

Latest update: 9/28/2006
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These pages have been written to introduce beginners to the fundamentals of firearms usage and ownership.  Clear descriptions and pictures are given along the way to aid learning.  It is my hope that visitors to this page will learn a thing or two and maybe even become interested in learning how to fire a gun for sport and/or protection.   - RGO (Click here to e-mail me)

Firearm safety
Read this first!

Clearing a weapon
How to ensure that your gun is unloaded

Fundamentals of marksmanship
Takes you through the process of aiming and firing

Cleaning & Maintenance
Keep your gun working properly

Rifle basics
Beginning techniques for these long guns

How a semi-automatic handgun works
A fantastic animation.  You can make parts transparent to see what is happening internally.  Off-site link.


...other coming topics...
Introduction to ballistics
Defensive shooting and defensive weapon selection
Milsurps and the C&R license
Suggestions for others?


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